Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, everyone! Here are the “Friday Favorites”, awesome photos I’ve seen around the web during the week. Enjoy these great shots, and have a lovely weekend!

“Creative Wedding Photos by Fearless Photographers” on Poptastic Bride

“Moorish Window” by David J. Lew

“Beyond the Rim” by Brad Goldpaint

“Sweet Heirloom Oranges” by David Williams

“Eye of Joey” by Madge Bloom

“This Other World” by Marc Adamus

“Walk With Me” by fabiela

“Hidden In The Forest” by Mark Tripp

“St Peter’s, Rome” by David Henderson

“Simple…” by Richard Geven

“Darkensburg Night” by Mark Dumbleton

“Abstract bird” by Celeste Mookherjee

“Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #247″ by Jim Work

“Makes Me Wanna Take a Back Road” by Michael Lewis Glover

“Sunset by Gloucester, MA”  by Rich Williams

“Top Bridge Crossing” by Toad Hollow

“Featured Artist: Krzysztof Wladyka” by RedBubble

“Teah” by ArtX

“Grace Cathedral, San Francisco” by Dave Wilson

“Busselton Jetty – HDR” by Peter Yates

“An Iconic City at Sunset by James Fike

“Winter camp under Piute Pass, Inyo National Forest, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California USA” by Russ Bishop

“Approaching Storm” by Tony Sweet

“Exhale” by Kingstonshots

“Chairs in Montmartre” by Laurent Hunziker

“Zion National Park, Utah” by Harold Stiver

“Is this seat taken ?” by Edwin van Nuil

“Today @ 6:50am !!” by Jo Williams

“Renwick Gates at the Enid A Haupt Gardens” by Jimi Jones

“Arab grandmother kissing her granddaughter” by Peter Frank

“Eagle Peak Aerial” by Dan Bailey

The Rose And Its Ghost

The Rose And Its Ghost

Happy Tuesday everybody! Once again, I want to send out a very big thank you to all of you. Eden’s Captures has passed 20,000 views, and now has 100 followers! Thank you so much! And now, without further ado, here … Continue reading