HDRing A Flower

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel XS ~ Lens: Canon Zoom Lens EF-S 18-55mm @ 51mm ~ ISO: 200 ~ Aperture: f/11 ~ Shutter Speed: 1/40 s ~  Format: RAW

This image was the result of playing around some more with the HDR tutorial I mentioned in the last post. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

*Edit: I have been informed that this isn’t a true HDR image. Even so, I like the way it turned out, and think the idea of blending exposures offers an interesting avenue for creativity*

31 thoughts on “HDRing A Flower

  1. I’ll be quick to point out this isn’t true HDR. true hdr combines three images… or more into a 32bit image, which can’t be rendered properly on a display, it is then tone mapped into a hdr image which has all the detail you would expect. Non the less this photo is interesting, but I feel it lacks a lot of contrast.

    • I did use three images to create this image. Even if it isn’t “true” HDR, I like the result. Thanks for having a look.

      • The difference is the formation of a 32bit image is the difference, and then the tone-mapping. Here you are really just using exposure blending.

  2. It is very HDR for me – a Highly & Deliriously Resounding success ! Well done by any definition. Your new camera has given you new creative horizons . Keep exploring and sharing.

  3. a very apt application of when to use HDR(or exposure blending )… good work !!

    just curious have u ever tried multi-focus blending ? another interesting technique especially for macro subjects with limited depth of field …

    • Hello Abu, thanks for stopping by! I never have tried multi-focus blending. I have never even heard of it before (still new to this). Thanks for the comment!

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