Friday Favorites

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a “Friday Favorites” post, so I thought I’d throw another one out there and make it longer than usual. Hope you enjoy the photography below as much as I did. Have a lovely weekend!

“Day 5~ April 5th~ Congo” by Mimo Khair

“Baby Crested gecko portrait” by Angi Nelson

“HDR – Fort Macon’s Inside Arches” by Mark Neal

“Bahama Scene” by Leon Heyns

“Just Before You Go…” by astrawally

“Night Taxiing” by Delfino

“Golden Reflections” by Adam Allegro

“Death Row” by Kevin Kroeker

“Our Little Hero Sleeps” by Curt Fleenor

“86” by Sam Sneddon

“Teased by the storm” by Marc@leadinlines

“Pier Reflections Too” by Emma Holmes

“Sunrise on a country road” by Jim Nix

The Shed Upon The Water” by Kymie

“The Front Door” by Jim Denham

“Take A Seat” by Don Alexander Lumsden

“Aisle Seating” by Bob Lussier

“Covered by Fog” by Hans Kawitzki

“Vienna, Austria – University of Vienna (HDR)”  by Talke Photography

“Woods” by Andy Astfalck

“Spring Break” by Uwe Eischens

“Paradise” by Natalie Mikaels

“Territory Of The Mind” by Sean Bagshaw

“Burano” by Pete Halewood

“Cherry Blossoms and A Bird” by Jarede Schmetterer

“Japanese Aralia” by Darrell Steele

“Upstairs Downstairs” by John Sotiriou

“42nd Street” by Steve Beal

“Titanic at 100 years” on The Big Picture

“Law Dog” by Kingstonshots

“Here Comes Spring” by Maxwell Campbell

“Printemps” by ATZoom

“Played” by Michael Howard

“Train by a Lake in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada” by Katie Johnson

“Day 166” by Pablo Buitrango

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