Friday Favorites

It’s Friday again, and here is your weekly dose of “Friday Favorites”. Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

“Sunset on a Ghost Town” by Anne McKinnell

“Ruined Farm on Widdop Moor” by michael m

“Ooh La La” by Caryn Caldwell

“The Organ” by Stefano Pedroni

“Beneath the Morning” by Maxwell Campbell

“Day 166” by Pablo Buitrago

“Day 289” by Karl

“Pollen-covered Bee On Crocus Petal.” by Daniel Cadieux

“#834” by Celine

“Daily Photo – The London Eye” by Richard Davis

“Guess Where” by Phil Decocco

“Shining across” by Dave DiCello

Photos by Matthias Heiderich on The D Photo

“Sweet Savannah” by Shane Walker

“Eternal Sunshine” by Murphyz

“Eastern Exposure” by Brian Kibbons

“Obsessed Intent” by annibels

“Three Monochrome Abstracts” by Adam Allegro

“Trafalgar” by Marc@leadinlines

“Incoming Storm” by Glenn Tunaley

“Sequoia Sunset” by Russ Bishop

“Welcome, And Enter” by Mark Garbowski

“4 little birds sitting on the tree” by miroslava

“Shaking It Up” by Jim Denham

“Photo of Da day @ Da Pine #242” by Jim Work

“Windblown at La Perouse” by Bruce Campbell

“Lions Gate Bridge” by Jacob Lucus

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