Dreamy Little Flowers

Well, it’s Monday once again, folks. I sincerely hope you got/are getting/will get more sleep than I did last night. Speaking of sleep…

Back when I first got my SLR, a blog visitor jokingly left a comment saying that I was in it deep, and could expect to begin seeing potential photographs wherever I went. But the warning came too late;  it was already happening at that point. Still, I can’t say I was quite prepared to see potential shots when I wasn’t awake. I’ve had a couple of nights now when I’ve been wandering around in a dream, seen something, and thought hey, that would make a good photo. I even had one dream nightmare that I was at the Grand Canyon during a gorgeous sunset, and couldn’t get my exposure right or figure out how to use the camera. I suppose that might be the photographer’s version of the perennial, “Showing Up To School Naked and Everyone Laughs at You” dream.

So, it would appear I am slowly sinking into the soggy ground that is a life spent with a camera. Time for intervention? Maybe, but who wants to be cured?

Image Copyright © Eden R. Ellis. All rights reserved.

47 thoughts on “Dreamy Little Flowers

  1. Beautiful shot Eden! Love the selective color and focus! It’s “dreamy” 😉 Only an intervention needed if you’re NOT enjoying it! Keep up the great work!

  2. Beautiful shot Eden. The selective color and composition are spot on. The next nightmare will be having all of these images to process and not enough time…

    • lol Thank you, Len, and thanks for the heads up! Though to be honest, right now I wish I had that many images to edit 🙂

  3. Oh man, my comment didn’t go through! The short of it was that I think is beautiful. Love the black and white and selective, sharp focus area. Nice work.

  4. I agree…who wants to be cured? And is there a cure? I think not. And, as far as sleep goes, didn’t get much last night either but I did catch Mad Men at around 3 AM…LOL

  5. Your dreaming about it says a lot! But I’m so glad that you have found photography and take the beautiful shots you do! Don’t stop!

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