An Evening In May

Happy Monday, everyone! One beautiful evening last week I grabbed my camera and went outside hoping to get some shots in the gorgeous light that spills over the tree line in our back yard. These lovely flowers are growing in a little clump in the woods behind the house. They shoot up in shaded areas this time of year, and make for a lovely sight driving around country roads.


Images Copyright © Eden R. Ellis. All rights reserved.

41 thoughts on “An Evening In May

  1. Nice, Eden. Believe it or not, we’re getting some here now too, in not-quite-so-frigid Wyoming. The tree by our house was first. One morning, a few yellow blossoms. That afternoon, all kinds of blossoms, all over. The next day – full of bees! (And still is.)

  2. There’s something about the softness paired with the quality of light that makes these feel like they’ve come right out of a fairy-tail…
    fantastic, Eden!

  3. I think I prefer the portrait version. Something about including the stems. They add contrast to the shot. I like how the petals seem to absorb the light and become part of the air.

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