Friday Favorites

Here are some great shots to send you into the holiday weekend!

“Friday Favorites” are links to photographs I’ve found around the web and was impressed with. They come to you in no particular order. I hope you enjoy them, and don’t forget to let the photographers know you liked their shots!

“leaving” by Chromasia

“Streetcar on Canal Street – New Orleans” by Alfonso Bresciani

“The King’s Doorway” by Think James Photo

“Power Lines, Mojave Desert VI” by Journey Photographic

“Italian Hospital A – Bedlam” by Mark Blundell

“Bar Lounge Photograph” by Yhun Suarez

“City – Skyline – Hoboken, NJ – The ever changing skyline – BW” by Mike Savad

“Fern Circle” by doug_r

“Take a Trip to Mars” by Edith Levy

“Seal of Approval” by rigmover

“Iris” byย Tomitengu

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